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Client-Trainer Agreement 12 Month Contract

Client-Trainer Agreement 12 Month Contract

The following, when signed will constitute the full agreement between the Client, and Power Lift Fitness Personal Training.

Subject to the Term’s and Condition’s below, the named Personal Trainer (“PT”) will act as a Personal Trainer in the development of an exercise program during the agreed block of individual sessions (the “Service”).

This agreement will apply to all bookings of the Service with the named PT made by the Client.

The PT will use their skills and knowledge to design a safe programme of exercise that will take into account the personal goals, fitness levels and exercise likes and dislikes of the Client.

The PT will provide the coaching, supervision, advice and support that the Client may need to help achieve their goals. The Client’s progress will be regularly monitored and the program revised and adjusted accordingly.

The PT will provide all necessary equipment and will organise appropriate venues for all the training sessions.

All Client information will be kept strictly private and confidential. If the trainer requires further medical information from a practitioner the Client will provide such details.

It is understood between Client and PT that both will commit to the program and give 100% effort.

The Client is required to arrive 5 minutes prior to a training session so that a full session can be achieved each visit.

The Client is required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothes should be loose
fitting and non-restrictive. Footwear should be comfortable and provide adequate support. Use all equipment gear that has been prescribed by medical/ allied health professional during sessions eg. ankle brace orthotics

The Client is required to bring an appropriate water bottle, filled ready for the session and any sustenance required by the Client for pre or post session nutrition.

Health Screening Policy

All Client’s must complete a PAR-Q before commencing any exercise program. The Client may be required to provide a letter of ‘medical clearance’ from their GP. Please be aware a GP may charge for this.

Fee Charging Policy

In consideration of the Service, all sessions will be paid according to the session rates charged at the time of booking.

Payment for single session will be paid for at the end of the session. Payment for block bookings will be paid for in advance, with each individual session being booked on a week by week basis. Power Lift Fitness, reserves the right to change weekly session slots as necessary.

Payments are made through Ezidebit through Direct debit Weekly on fridays. Minimum of 52 Payments over the Contract period.
Client will save 7% on all Sevices by locking in to the 52 Payments

Payments will continue over Christmas and all Holidays any sessions that can not be scheduled due to holidays that the PT or Client can not attend will be rescheduled before or after the Holidays period to ensure sessions are not missed.

The Client understands that:

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the dates and times booked are correct. To cancel a booked session, the Client must notify the PT either in person or by phone, text or email. In the event of cancellation by the PT, the PT is responsible for notifying the Client of any such cancellation.

If the client needs to relocate or is unable to attend training sessions for an extended period due to unforeseen circumstances such as injury or illness, the client may put the contract on hold for a maximum period of six months. The client must provide written notice to the trainer of their intention to put the contract on hold and provide an estimated timeframe for resuming training. The trainer reserves the right to request documentation supporting the reason for the hold.

The client will not be charged for any sessions missed during the hold period, and the remaining sessions will be rescheduled for a mutually agreed upon time upon the client's return. If the client is unable to resume training after six months, the contract will be terminated, and any remaining sessions will be forfeited.

Payment for all training sessions is due in advance of the scheduled session. If the client fails to pay for a scheduled session, the trainer reserves the right to cancel the session without notice. In the event of non-payment, the client will be charged as below. The client will also be responsible for any legal or collection fees incurred as a result of non-payment. The trainer may suspend training sessions until payment is received in full. 

Direct Debit Fees 

  • Fees / Charges
  • One Time Setup Fee$2.20
  • Bank Account$0.00
  • Optional SMS Reminder$0.28
  • Visa/Mastercard0.00%
  • Amex0.00%
  • Failed Payment Fee $9.90
  • Failed payment re debits 3 days after failure 

Cancellation Policy

  • By Client on more than 24hours notice - no charge/loss of session.
  • By Client on less than 24hours notice, Client able to rearrange and complete session in the same week - no charge/loss of session.
  • By Client on less than 24 hours notice, Client unable to rearrange and complete session in the same week - loss of session.
  • By the PT - no charge/loss of session.

In the event that the trainer cancels a session without providing proper notice, the trainer agrees to reschedule the session at a time that is convenient for the client. Proper notice shall be defined as no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time, unless due to an unforeseen emergency or other extenuating circumstances.

In the event of an emergency or other extenuating circumstance, the trainer agrees to notify the client as soon as possible and will make every effort to reschedule the session in a timely manner.

Cancellation Confirmation

The trainer will confirm any session cancellations made by the client. In the event that the trainer cancels a session, they will provide notice to the client at least 24 hours in advance, unless an emergency arises. If the trainer fails to provide proper notice, the client will receive one complimentary session as compensation.

Refund Policy

If the Client is unable to continue the block of sessions for medical reasons, a refund may be available for unused sessions. The Client will submit a letter from their doctor clearly stating exercise restrictions prior to any refund being given. Refunds are not provided under any other circumstances. If the client decides to cease training with Power Lift Fitness

If the Client decides to leave before the 52 payments are finished the client will be liable for the remainder of payments. If the Client is unable to continue the block of sessions for medical reasons, The Client will submit a letter from their doctor clearly stating exercise restrictions prior to any refund being given. Refunds are not provided under any
other circumstances. If the client decides to cease training with Power Lift Fitness

PLF there will be no refunds given for unused sessions. If the named PT leaves Power Lift Fitness, the Client will be allocated another Personal
Trainer to complete the block of sessions with them. Any alternative Personal Trainer will be suitably qualified and will be provided with their training history. Refunds will not be given on sessions that have to be rescheduled under any of these circumstances.

Late Arrivals

The PT is only required to wait for 20 minutes past the agreed start time. After this the PT may leave the premises and the Client will forfeit the amount for the session. If the Client, arrives within the 20 minutes the PT will complete the time left of the original session. No extra time will be given.

If the PT is more than 10 minutes late on arrival to the session, the Client can have a full hour from the time that the PT arrives (if convenient), or the Client can have the remaining time of the session added on to another session.

Declaration of Understanding

I, the Client, fully understand and agree to abide by the above rules and regulations. Before embarking on an exercise program I have completed the Power Lift Fitness Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and resulting processes. I also understand that I should inform my PT of any medical conditions that may not have been covered in the form and that I may be advised to visit my doctor prior to commencing the sessions.

I acknowledge that I have either had a physical examination and have been given my doctors permission to participate, or that I have decided to participate in the activity and/or use the equipment and machinery without the approval of my doctor and do hereby assume all responsibility for my participation and activities. I release Power Lift Fitness, the PT and any other PT’s who train me from any liability for personal injury or other damage I may sustain whilst engaging in any exercise programme suggested by the Personal Trainer.

  1. Minumum session duration under contract is 45 minutes
  2. Minimum sessions under contract is 1 session each week
  3. Programing 1-2 Sessions a week $20
  4. Programing 3+ sessions a week $10

Client acknowledges that engaging in physical activity, including but not limited to personal training, fitness classes, and use of equipment, can be hazardous and may result in injury. Client assumes all risks associated with the use of any and all equipment, programs, and/or services provided by Trainer.

Client acknowledges and agrees that Trainer is not responsible for any injury, including without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, economic loss or any other damage suffered by Client, whether caused by the negligence of Trainer, its employees, agents, contractors, or otherwise.

Client agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Trainer and its affiliates, employees, agents, contractors, and representatives from any and all claims, damages, expenses, and liabilities, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, arising from or in connection with any injury or damage to Client, or any other person or property, caused by or resulting from Client's participation in the training program.


I acknowledge receipt of this agreement and confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.
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