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Client Trasnformation Stories 2024

Power Lift Fitness - Client Transformation Alex Glumac

Read: Alex Glumac's Story

I used to dread the word ‘gym,’ associating it with stress and panic. After years of fluctuating weight due to work stress, I reached a breaking point. Determined to change, I joined a gym at 180kg and met Shannon, my trainer.

His enthusiasm, personalized training programs, and meal planning helped me take the first steps towards a healthier life.

Six months later, I’ve made significant progress, maintaining my sense of humor and likening my workouts to ‘Grinding for Experience’ in real life. For anyone seeking transformation, I highly recommend Shannon; his guidance truly brings results.

Power Lift Fitness - Client Transformation Jamie Malcom

Read: Jamie Malcom's Story

After falling into depression from a bad relationship, I turned to drinking and unhealthy eating, which made me a stranger to myself. The hardest part was starting, but I joined Temple Fitness at Booval in November 2023 and started personal training with Shannon twice a week, using his training app on other days.

I embraced the 90-day challenge in January 2024, and with Shannon’s guidance on training and nutrition, I’ve transformed into a healthier, happier dad.

Thanks to Shannon and Temple Fitness, I’ve lost weight and learned to live healthier. Start your journey with Shannon—don’t just think about it, do it! 🏋️‍♂️💪

Power Lift Fitness - Client Transformation Kimberly Faulkner

Read: Kimberly Faulkner's Story

After gaining 45kgs while pregnant I lost all my self confidence and took awhile to get myself back into training properly at the gym. When Shannon announced the challenge this was my chance to get back into eating right and training.

With Shannon’s guidance and the program he wrote for me I lost 10kgs which was my goal weight to lose during the challenge! This is just the start! I look forward to getting back to my pre baby body and becoming a stronger, fitter and healthier mum!